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The application programming interface (API) provides the ability to provide connectivity with custom applications. It works as the set of programming commands which can access web applications, databases and other technical resources which are required for the business activities. It works as the link between one application to the other business application, which also helps in communication. It can be considered as the best tool for growth and success in business.
We as Codiant Biztech are expert in providing API integration and development services with complete utilization of modern tools and techniques. Our API development team has been working on the multiple projects till now and even some of these we have designed for the cross-platform applications. We have the best knowledge about JASON API, XML API and REST API development which enables us to develop the solutions for Web and mobile integration which is available best at the market.

The Services

Following list represents the services provided by us which are –

API Integration Services- best for integrating third party API integration for data and feature sharing.

API Development Services- in this service, we configure the application interfaces for desktop applications, mobile applications, databases and browsers.

Customized API Development – it will be best for extending the application’s functionality with the third-party systems.

API As A Service- our team is expert in developing API as a service (APIaaS) where we use technology such as HTTP/HTTPS, XHTML, XML, JSON, Java, AJAX etc.

API Testing Solutions- we are also expert in providing API testing solutions and services which includes load testing, unit testing and functional testing to ensure adequate performance and functionality.

Cloud Integration- it is best for connecting data and applications across clouds via API layers.

API Development Platforms- we are expert in developing specialized API according to the requirement of clients which supports web and mobile platforms.

The Solutions

The following are the solutions we provide which cater to the demand of different industries –

Payment Gateway
Google API
Shipping Gateway
SMS Gateway
APIs for Social Network

The Benefits You Will Get

The following are benefits which you will get from our API integrating and development services-

1. Best in The Market

2. Based on High-Quality Industry Standards

3. Less Development Time

4. Affordable Cost

5. Timely Assessment

6. All Time Support and Maintenance

7. High-Quality Development

8. Evolutionary Architectural Design & many more.

We believe in providing full-service satisfaction to clients via our API integration and development services. It is not for the revenue generation we consider it as having long term relationship with our clients. So, if you require the same, we will be happy to assist you on the same. Anytime you can contact us, our representative will be there to answer all the queries.

Our talented IT professionals vow to make your business a success.