Learn More About Our Lead Generation

Have a boosted lead and reach customers quickly! The lead generation is the must thing which requires to run the business successfully and for speedy reach to the customer. According to your business, it is the process in which our experts at Codiant Biztech develops and executes the unique campaign. It is the best method to discover potential customers and seeking opportunities in the market.

The Codiant Biztech is a brand known to generate B2B, B2C, and B2E nationwide and across the globe. Instead of using the standard approach, we use a unique methodology based on the business's requirements. It generates better sales opportunities for IT & Software, Consultancy, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, and advertising. With our services' help, you will find quality leads with ease because, in the background, our team will work for you consistently.

Our team has long years of experience in implementing paid and organic lead generation. It is the first step to bring the customers to the company. Here we will generate leads, and your valuable services will convert them into a customer so that it will be a tremendous joint effort. It will also generate traffic, so as a result, it will provide you the chance to have more customers. This process will happen with email marketing, social media marketing, advertisement management, and search engine optimization.

Codiant Biztech’s Lead Generation Services

Here is the list of our lead generation services which you will get at an affordable price which are following

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is a top lead generation technique in which off-page and on-page techniques make a web page rank on the search engines. It is based on search engines' algorithms like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc.

You will find countless end customers hunt for a particular intent; however, the purpose is that in the event you're standing on the page, this implies you're imperceptible because nobody would like to stop by the web page along with other pages to search engines.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

One of the services belongs to google by which paid advertisement can run, although it is paid still very effective in lead generation. It also requires some proficiency in deigning the ad. Our experts will help you and run different unique campaigns later, which will result in higher business generation and a boost in the sales of products & services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the great techniques to grab the attention of customers. If the content is up to the mark, it helps in SEO so the customer can find you easily. It is the method that tells exactly the search engine what you want to convey. The part of content marketing is blog writing, article writing, press releases, and many more.

Email Marketing

It is the traditional method for lead generation but still significant, facilitating you to reach into the customer mailbox to promote your business directly. The best part is that including promotion, you can build the query form so the customer can inquire about the services.

Social Media

In place of searching on the web now, customers search on social media because it is the easiest method to inquire about anything. Our team is an expert in making social media campaigns, which is a great technique.

Our talented IT professionals vow to make your business a success.