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Codiant Biztech is a trusted app store optimization service provider and optimized multiple apps till now. We have long years of expertise to rank the app on store with proper keyword placement and metadata optimization. This work will be handled by our elite app marketing team and will help manage app store strategy, creative production, updates, and help in national and global expansion. We use a flexible approach and a unique methodology to prove the results, which you will also feel after getting work done.

What is App Store Optimization by Codiant Biztech?

It is a process in which app conversion and visibility improved with app stores such as Google and Apple. The objective of app store optimization by Codiant Biztech is that an app belongs to the particular organization must rank on the store by influencing CTR (click through rate). It results like that if the person is searching for a specific app, it should be visible based on keywords. The optimization process comprises the app name, title, icon, ratings, screenshots, and some standard instructions for use. It is the simple game plan that app visibility is directly proportional to more downloads.

The Benefits of App Store Optimization

Most of the time, the user searches for the app on the play store with specific requirements in mind or sometimes searches for the brand-specific app. The point is that there is no challenge for the brand-specific app, but for other apps, there is tough competition always, which fuels up the app store optimization. The benefits are following –

  • *1. The SEO is meant for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, where ASO is intended for Google Play Store, Apple Play Store.
  • *2. It also uses On-Page optimization techniques such as – title (app name), description, keywords, usage & quality metrics, uninstalls rates, and Off-Page optimization techniques such as- backlinks, ratings & reviews, download status where the main goal is downloads of the app.
  • *3. There are multiple chances of growth as people are fond of using apps to search on the internet.
  • *4. If proper technique is applied, there are ample chances of conversion as more than 90% of people worldwide use mobile phones.

Why Codiant Biztech for App Store Optimization?

We lead in best app store optimization with a full spectrum of our services, including consultation and guidance. The total game depends on how your app will be visible on the app store, and we are experts in it. Our optimization team is expert and sharp skilled in using the latest tools and technologies to make a stand loud your app, among others, on the play store.

Our talented IT professionals vow to make your business a success.